The Cyber Safety Academy

The Cyber Safety Academy is Proud to Present:

The Great American NO BULL Challenge

& Teen Video Awards

Promoting digital responsibility, leadership & social change        Using the power of education, music & filmmaking

December 13, 2013:  Video uploads begin

April 30, 2014:  Video upload deadline

May 5 – 16, 2014:  Public voting period

June 7, 2014:  Nominees announced

August 8 & 9, 2014:  NO BULL National Education Conference & Teen Video Awards

Video Subject:  Digital Responsibility & Anti-Bullying

Video Lengths:  Full: 2-5 Minutes  PSA: 30-60 Seconds

Eligible:  6th-12th grade students

Fundraising With The Cyber Safety Academy

Looking for a new way to raise funds for your school, team, church or organization?  Tired of offering the same-old fundraising products that people don’t need or want?  Are you ready to offer anti-bullying and cyber safety tools instead? You’ve come to the right place!

The Cyber Safety Academy Fundraising Company offers schools and organizations a new and empowering way to raise funds and awareness about cyber safety and the threat that the virtual world poses to our children.

Our products provide awareness, solutions and preventative resources to keep children safe and secure while they’re using social media.  Education and communication are critical factors when it comes to cyberbullying and sexting prevention, privacy and security on social networks and online predator avoidance.  The Cyber Safety Academy delivers many anti-bullying products and solutions for schools and organizations to offer inside of a fundraising vehicle:

50 3 300x295 The Cyber Safety Academy Books

Workbooks and Instructor Guides

Parental Internet Monitoring Software

Awareness Bracelets and Lanyards

“No Bull” Dog Leashes & Bowls

And Much More

The Cyber Safety Academy Fundraising Company has a mission to eradicate the cyber abuse and bullying of our vulnerable, constantly connected teenagers!  Cyber safety is increasingly important and vital to protecting our children from the growing threat of our virtual world, and you can help by using the Cyber Safety Academy Fundraising Company in your school or organization.

In addition to the traditional fundraising times, include the Cyber Safety Academy Fundraiser within registration packets, on registration day, at back-to-school night, or on
May 17th, which is National Cyber Safety Awareness Day.

Make A Difference! Raise awareness and funds by offering the Cyber Safety Academy Fundraiser as your premier fundraising option, and watch your event become an instant success!70 The Cyber Safety Academy


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